John Avalos has been an organizer in the labor movement for decades. He has fought for the rights of essential workers through organizations such as SEIU 1877, the Justice for Janitors Campaign, and the National Union of Healthcare Workers, where he currently represents health care workers at hospitals and clinics throughout the City. Most recently, he fought to save Seton Medical Center from closing, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Bay Area. As Supervisor, John authored the strongest local hiring ordinance in the country to create thousands of jobs for SF residents. 

The Avalos 2020 campaign is honored to have the sole endorsement of so many powerful labor unions, including SEIU 1021, AFT 2121, UESF, and the #1 choice of CNA, NUHW, and IFTPE Local 21. We will continue to strengthen and protect the rights of workers to strike, enforce their contracts, advocate for themselves on the job, and form collective bargaining units.  In partnership with organized labor and the broader movement, John will fight for workers by:

  • People over Profits. As a union organizer and legislator, John has always put the rights  the working people over corporate profits.   He was a minority against the 2011 Twitter Tax break, and created the foundation for the CEO tax and business tax. He supports local measures F & I to tax millionaires and support working people. He has been unafraid to fight against huge corporations and to protect the working class. On the November ballot, he strongly opposes and will campaign against Prop 22, which would allow Uber, Lyft and other billion dollar, app-based companies to deny their drivers rights and protections like paid sick leave, workers compensation or unemployment benefits.
  • Increasing PPE and services for frontline workers. PPE literally saves lives, as do protections like paid sick leave, and paid family leave. John has organized with workers he currently represents for life-saving PPE and safer working conditions and supports the rights of all workers to fundamental protections on the job.
  • Protecting low-wage workers. The Avalos campaign recognizes that all essential workers must be protected during these times. Many D11 residents are restaurant workers, grocery store workers, and domestic workers, many of whom lack organized labor protections. John supports the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and supports strengthening paid sick leave for all workers, many of whom must work low-wage jobs on the frontlines of COVID-19, without the luxury of working from home. 
  • Free testing for all. Everyone must have access to testing for Covid-19, especially in areas such as the Southeast region of San Francisco, where we see the highest cases of new COVID-19 in the Latinx community. With density due to the lack of affordable housing in our District, and many of our residents working essential-service jobs, John will advocate for Free Testing for All City-wide and in D11, especially for those who must work in person and put their lives in danger to support our economy.
  • Increasing language access for employment services. Everyone must have access to unemployment, disability services, and paid family leave during these times. No one should be turned away due to lack of language access. John’s supports expanding local, state, and federal information around labor and COVID-19 to include as many communities as possible. 

Universal Child Care. John supports universal childcare. Many District 11 residents currently face a crisis between the need to work and the need to provide child care, especially during the pandemic. No one should have to make that choice, especially low-wage workers struggling to survive and working to literally save lives, which is why we need free child care for all!