John Avalos is committed to transportation equity in District 11. As supervisor, he will fight for safety and affordability in the ways we move in and around our neighborhoods. For too long, District 11 has been underserved by San Francisco’s transit system. We must improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians, bikers, and transit riders. John will shift our transit resources to make our neighborhoods safer and more affordable while preventing climate change.

  • Safer Streets. John co-authored Vision Zero, which classified Alemany, Ocean, Mission, and Geneva in the High Injury Network, the 12% of streets with 70% of severe and fatal traffic injuries; we need to make our streets safer. John helped start the Neighborhood Transit Improvement Program, including funds for traffic-calming via speed-humps and raised crosswalks; as supervisor John will continue to meet with residents about participatory budgeting to unite the neighborhood for further traffic-calming measures.
  • Restore MUNI. Too many MUNI lines in District 11 have been suspended during shelter-in-place, including the 14X, 52, and 57. We need our buses back for getting to work and medical appointments. John supports restoring all MUNI service in District 11, one of the most dense areas in the City for transit.
  • Bike Lanes. John helped create bike lanes on Alemany Boulevard and Geneva Avenue, making our neighborhoods safer and more accessible. Now, he will prioritize new bicycle infrastructure on San Jose, Brotherhood Way, Sickles, Silver, and especially Ocean Avenue for connecting to City College. Additionally, John supports working with residents for greater community input to identify streets along the Mission corridor to close to car traffic as part of the “Slow Streets and Shared Spaces” program so that families and bicyclists can travel through these corridors even more safely. 
  • Transit Connections for our Future. John extended the 14 Mission bus line to Daly City BART, and prevented the M line from being cut short. He will continue to bring our neighborhoods together by connecting existing infrastructure to transit hubs. He will advance Geneva-Harney Bus Rapid Transit, improving MUNI’s 28R service and connecting Balboa Station to Bayshore Caltrain with faster buses. He will create new, safer transit connections for the Balboa Station and the M-line at Geneva and San Jose.
  • Fare-Free MUNI. John believes city buses and trains should be paid for by city funds, not by riders. Transit is San Franciscans’ second-highest expense after rent, and charging fare for each ride worsens inequity. MUNI is free for seniors and disabled people, and John will work to make it free for everyone. Until MUNI is free, John opposes fare increases and opposes enforcement of fare evasion. 
  • Beautifying our Public Spaces. Too many streets in District 11 neighborhoods suffer from weeds and trash in the public right-of-way like medians and greenways. John wrote Prop E (2016, obligating DPW to maintain our 125,000+ street trees) and, as supervisor, he will create a citywide program for greening our neighborhoods by greening permeable surfaces. John will also improve DPW’s cleanup of illegal dumping. 
  • Green New Deal for SF. Greening our streetscapes and cleaning up trash is part of John’s Green New Deal for SF. Building bike lanes and beautifying our neighborhoods will create good union jobs with fair wages. Real transit justice means making our planet safer for our children’s generation by combating climate change.
  • Reduce Reliance on Cars. Poor air quality from car exhaust harms our neighbors living adjacent to 280, 80% of whom are immigrants and people of color. John supports congestion pricing and a citywide parking permit program to disincentive driving and to fund instructure improvements for transit equity.

We are proud to have the sole endorsement of the Sierra Club, San Francisco Bike Coalition, and the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters, and we look forward to a great partnership with all towards transit justice!