John Avalos will champion our local small businesses by fighting for new policies, increased investments, and targeted programs.  District 11 commercial corridors have many generational businesses, hard-working entrepreneurs, and culturally-based immigrant businesses.  But rents are largely unaffordable, with many small businesses increasingly vulnerable to speculative landlords and the dramatic shifts under COVID-19.  John Avalos will build on the assets of our commercial corridors by expanding programs to stabilize and strengthen our local small businesses and neighborhood-based economy.

Build a Foundation for Transformative Change

  • A Public Bank for San Francisco.  As supervisor, John Avalos will fight for a San Francisco Public Bank to reinvest in and stabilize our local bodegas, corner stores, and other neighborhood-serving businesses. A Public Bank will harness the massive investment power of our city’s pooled investments to move funds from Wall Street to Broad Street.
  • International, Immigrant and Indigenous Multi-cultural District.  John Avalos will partner with our diverse D11 communities to launch a cultural district that works to stabilize our diverse, indigenous, multicultural, and immigrant community by expanding arts, culture, and programming. 
  • Build worker and community cooperatives.  John Avalos is committed to creating solutions that build on the talents in our diverse communities.  As Supervisor,  he will advocate for resources to incubate worker-owned and community cooperatives to develop our workforce and meet community needs.
  • A Collective Voice for Small Businesses.  John Avalos will work with small businesses to create an association that is linguistically and culturally accessible and uplift the needs of local merchants.
  • Create Vibrant Public Plazas.  John Avalos will fight for new resources to strengthen our commercial corridors by creating a network of safe, accessible, intergenerational, and culturally based public spaces throughout our district.

Direct Relief During COVID-19 to Stabilize our Small Businesses

  • Adapting to COVID-19 shifts.  As supervisor, John Avalos will create targeted programs to pivot our small business support programs to expand outdoor commercial activities on our commercial corridors.
  • Strengthen our Neighborhood-Based Economy.  John Avalos will strengthen programs to support family child care providers, domestic workers, day laborers, street vendors, worker-owned cooperatives, and micro-enterprises.
  • Commercial Rent Stabilization.  As supervisor, John Avalos will strengthen protections for our small businesses so that they can continue to cater to our local customer base at affordable prices.  John will also urge state legislators to expand commercial rent control measures to protect small businesses who are vulnerable to exorbitant rent increases.

Creative Re-use of Empty Storefront Spaces.  John Avalos will advocate to fill up our empty storefronts with diverse uses to meet our community needs, such as housing, neighborhood services, community-based organizations, and pop-ups.