John Avalos will work hard to implement immediate support and long term solutions to support people experiencing homelessness in D11 and City wide. Over the past few years, more and more of our neighbors have become marginally housed, forced to live in overcrowded conditions, living in their vehicles, couch surfing, or unsheltered. As the pandemic has ensued, homelessness has spiked even more. D11 does not have a strong safety net and is unprepared to shelter and support unhoused folks with dignity. As supervisor, John Avalos will implement multiple strategies, such as ramping up resources, creating shelter and affordable housing opportunities, installing community infrastructure, and strengthening mutual aid efforts.

  • Amenities to Support Unsheltered People. District 11 lacks the community infrastructure to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness, and this has burdened our public spaces. John Avalos will increase investments to make pit stops, public toilets, wifi, showers, and extended library hours available to people experiencing homelessness.
  • Shelters, Supportive Housing & Affordable Housing. Our District lacks a safety net for those who have been pushed into homelessness, which is why John Avalos will champion immediate efforts to create shelter as well as fight for long term solutions to create affordable housing. John Avalos will direct investments towards a District 11 Navigation Center, rapid re-housing and transitional housing programs, and convert empty storefronts into housing. John Avalos supports applying state funds to convert District 11 motels into supportive housing.
  • Expand Resources & Supports. There are few resources and supports to serve people experiencing homelessness in our district, which is why John Avalos will direct city resources towards resource centers that provide nutrition, health, and mental health supports, and expand mobile crisis intervention programs.
  • Uplifting our Mutual Aid Efforts. John Avalos believes that working together we can build community and act meaningfully to support those in need, and he is committed to building upon existing efforts to bring together our local merchants, community based organizations, and neighbors to organize mutual aid efforts to support the unhoused.