As supervisor, John Avalos will push smart housing policy to help ensure that working people can maintain a foothold and a future in the City we love.  In the last generation, housing affordability has chipped away at our neighborhoods, forcing many neighbors to leave, become marginally housed, or be at risk of displacement.  John Avalos embraces ‘affordability first’ as a principle to build strong and healthy neighborhoods.  Top-down policies that push luxury development into our neighborhoods without concern for affordability and community stability will not solve our housing crisis.  As supervisor, John Avalos will do what it takes to keep District 11 affordable for working class people so that current and future generations remain rooted in our district.

  • A Collective Housing Vision.  John Avalos will bring District 11 communities to the decision-making table to create  affordable housing strategies that would allow our elders to age in place, enables our youth to envision a future here, and ensures that  families do not have to pay more than 30% of their income towards housing.
  • A Public Bank for the Public Good.  Currently, the city of San Francisco forgoes the incredible investment power of our massive $12 billion city budget by handing over our hard-earned tax revenues to Wall Street Banks.  John Avalos will champion a San Francisco Public Bank that can reshape our local housing market and make targeted investments in affordable housing for tenants, non-profit developers, and homeowners.  
  • Community, Public, and  Non-Profit Ownership.  Our great city was built on land historically stewarded by indigenous communities.  Instead of accelerating privatization, John Avalos will work hard to remove land from the speculative market and stabilize  affordability through non-profit, public, or land trust ownership.
  • Develop for People not for Profit.  As Supervisor, John Avalos will prioritize development that meets the needs of our communities.  Only 24% of housing built in the City in 2018 was “affordable”, which shows that our housing crisis cannot be solved by relying on real estate developers alone.  As Supervisor, John Avalos will level the playing field by ensuring that developments are affordable to communities they serve.
  • Expand Affordable Housing.  John Avalos will build on our achievements to secure 100% affordable housing at the Balboa Upper Yard and Valente Marini Perata Mortuary site by advocating for new affordable projects that serve working families, low-income elders, transitional age youth, and homeless populations.  
  • Strengthen Tenant Protections.  In order to support tenants who are increasingly vulnerable due to high rents and COVID-19, John Avalos will preserve and expand rent-controlled housing, strengthen protections for those who are being unlawfully harassed by landlords, and fully fund tenants’ right to counsel.
  • Involve Landlords in the Solutions.  As Supervisor, John Avalos will continue to support to legalize inlaws,  create an education and training program to support small landlords to know their responsibilities, and create a vacancy tax to put the estimated 33,000+ vacant units (source) in our city on the market.

We are proud to have the sole endorsement of the Tenants Union, Dean Preston, and Affordable Housing Alliance, and we look forward to working with everyone for housing affordability!