John will work to keep our neighborhoods affordable for working and middle class families so that current and future generations can remain rooted in our district.  As supervisor, he will advocate for bold solutions and relief programs to serve homeowners in crisis. District 11 once prided itself as a bastion of working class and union households with the highest rate of homeownership in the city, but in the boom and bust of our local economy, more and more homeowners have become vulnerable to predatory loans and foreclosure.  In addition, the next generation is finding it increasingly unaffordable to stay in our neighborhoods.  John Avalos is committed to restoring the dream of homeownership for current and aspiring homeowners in District 11.  Here’s how:

  • Public Bank.  John Avalos will build on his achievement of bringing a credit union to the District and fight for a San Francisco Public Bank that will divest our city’s public monies from big banks and their predatory lending practices.  A Public Bank will reinvest in our local neighborhoods, and scale up our city’s investments in affordable housing and homeownership in District 11.
  • First Time Home Buyer Programs.  From the Teacher Next Door program to the Down Payment Assistance Loan Program, John Avalos will fight to protect, expand, and earmark these resources for District 11 families to achieve the dream of homeownership.
  • Direct Relief for Mortgagors. John Avalos will implement loan modification programs and principal reduction programs that lower monthly mortgage payments and stabilize homeowners who are at risk of default and foreclosure during economic downturns by providing silent loans that don’t have to be paid back until a property is sold.  
  • Limited Equity Coops and Community Land Trusts.  As supervisor, John Avalos will work with partners such as Habitat for Humanity and the SF Community Land Trust to advance Below-Market-Rate home ownership programs in District 11.
  • Housing Trust Fund.  John Avalos will advocate to expand our current Housing Trust Fund to finance bold solutions to expand housing affordability programs and assistance to District 11 residents.