The struggle for women’s rights and gender liberation is connected to the struggle for racial and economic justice.   We believe that gender equity means one’s gender does not limit their access to basic needs such as affordable housing, health care, and economic and social opportunities. It means that marginalized communities, and people who identify as women, have self-determination and the freedom to pursue their passions and their full potential and especially to create change. Here’s how John will work towards  greater gender equity in the City and in District 11:

  • Job Training and Pathways to Equity. The current global pandemic of COVID-19 and the economic crisis our City and District face will only exacerbate existing economi disparities based on gender unless we  work proactively to increase and strengthen job programs, including paid training opportunities, and utilize City College as a pathway for low-income women into well-paying, secure, union careers. 

  • Labor protections. John has worked to help empower  women workers, many of whom are on the frontlines of this virus response and face significant wage gaps, as well as women who face unemployment, and have had to seek temporary, low-wage jobs during this time, often as essential workers. Protecting and strengthening union power and job security for women is critical to helping close the gender and racialized wage gap.

  • Housing and economic security. John supports subsidies for women struggling to pay rent or facing eviction during this critical time. He will champion immediate shelter options as well as long-term low-cost permanent housing that is catered specifically to women, Transitional Aged Youth, and families exiting homelessness. He will fight for Universal Child Care and will strengthen existing childcare services in the City, such as the Early Childhood Development Office, which he helped found as D11 Supervisor. 

  • Mitigating intimate partner violence. District 11 is home to many immigrant women, women of color, and low-income women, who  experience higher rates of intimate partner violence than other communities. (Source.) John will fight to allocate greater resources to City services serving survivors and he will protect existing services in the City budget that serve vulnerable families. John supports using resources that assist survivors like the District Attorney Victims Services Division’s emergency housing program, and supports violence intervention programs like GLIDE’s Men In Progress that trains facilitators to help peers in unlearning violence. With COVID-19 creating an economic and health crisis, it is all the more urgent that critical services are in place especially for those who may be experiencing intimate partner violence.

  • Medicare for All. The COVID-19 pandemic illustrates the vital need for Medicare For All by exposing inequities (and the federal government’s ineptitude) -- now, more than ever, healthcare is a right, not a privilege. The more protected we are now, the more resilient we will be in the future. If the US Supreme Court repeals Obamacare next year, John will expand Healthy SF to fill in the gaps and ensure all San Franciscans have access to medical care. Access to healthcare, mental healthcare, and reproductive health care are key components of gender equity. Every person, regardless of gender identity, must have access to free birth control, free contraceptives and emergency contraceptives, and have access to healthcare so that they feel safe and free to use these options regardless of their income, education, or employment levels. Until we have Medicare For All, John will continue to fight for this coverage in all health insurance policies.