John Avalos is committed to transforming our strategies for public safety to be rooted in economic and racial equity, strong families, safe neighborhoods, and addressing root causes of crime. For too long, we have over-relied on policing as the answer to everything and it has not made us safer. In fact, San Francisco’s police have disproportionately targeted people of color. John will transform our public safety strategies to prevent violence, uphold civil rights and due process, and balance our city budget. 

  • Reinvest. John Avalos will reinvest in District 11’s economic recovery through small business recovery, homeowner support, affordable housing, and supporting youth. He will shift resources to prevention efforts rooted in community wellbeing: job training, healthcare, and education. Our city’s funds are better spent on these vital services, not police and jails.
  • Compensate police victims and support victims of crime. John Avalos will help repair harm by funding the District Attorney’s Victims Services Division, which compensates victims of police violence. He will also expand resources to support victims of crimes and their families who may be suffering financial impact of the crime.
  • Restorative justice. When harm has been committed, some victims prefer restoration not retribution. John Avalos supports restorative justice for victims to have the option of a supported dialogue, and to give the perpetrator opportunity to directly repair the harm caused. 
  • Stop using police to respond to homelessness. Our unhoused neighbors need housing and, too frequently, medical care--not arrest. John Avalos will support city policy to send social workers and medical professionals when police are the wrong answer.
  • Racial equity. People of color bear the brunt of SFPD’s excesses. For example, Black people are 5% of our city’s population, but are 38% of people detained by SFPD in 2020 and 56% of our city’s jail population. John Avalos will work to eliminate these disparities by holding police accountable, including getting police fired for using racial bias.
  • Demilitarize police. John Avalos has fought for greater safeguards in SFPD’s Use of Force Policy and opposed tasers. As supervisor, he will reduce our police force’s use of military weapons including tear gas and assault rifles, and eliminate the SWAT Unit.
  • Defund police. John Avalos will vote to reduce police staffing and overtime every year, so we can reinvest much-needed funds into vital city services for District 11 residents.
  • Sheriffs out of our hospitals. The city pays $20 million dollars annually for deputy sheriffs to guard SF General and other hospitals. John Avalos will use the city budget process to replace them with unarmed professionals trained in de-escalating conflicts.
  • Support Prop E. On the Board of Supervisors, John Avalos fought against increases of SFPD’s minimum staffing level. Now, he supports Prop E to eliminate it. Vote yes Nov. 3!