Investing in long-term oil production will only lead to the burning of catastrophic amounts of oil that will release disastrous amounts of carbon dioxide to raise the Earth’s temperature to uninhabitable levels. The only solution is moving entirely off of the petro-chemical economy. As Supervisor, John Avalos will lead our City to confront the climate crisis and bring young people, frontline workers, and communities of color to design and shape solutions for a climate-resilient future.  John Avalos will uphold and strengthen our City’s climate-related policies to accelerate San Francisco’s pace in reaching and surpassing climate reduction goals, addressing the needs of those communities hit first and worst by the climate crisis.  John Avalos will prioritize policies to put San Francisco on a path to a Just Recovery from the multiple crises we face: public health, wealth inequality, racial injustice, and climate crisis through a local Green New Deal.

Immediate Actions to Promote Climate Resilience:

  • Uphold SF Climate Justice Goals.  John Avalos will oppose efforts to roll back the City's ambitious climate goals and will continue to expand these programs to create equity for the most impacted communities and workers. 

  • Essential Public Services.  As Supervisor, John Avalos will oppose cuts to essential public services that are the basis of a just transition and climate-resilient city, including public transportation, public education, healthcare, and green economy jobs.  John Avalos will defend essential workers displaced by the COVID-19 crisis, as well as frontline workers in industries with significant toxic emissions such as at San Francisco International Airport.

  • Public Transportation.  John Avalos will fight to restore MUNI and advocate for fare-free MUNI, safer streets, improved transit connections, infrastructure that prioritizes public health and safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, and reduce our reliance on cars.

  • Remediating Toxic Pollution.  John Avalos will work to restore the public’s trust in environmental remediation efforts, and support community-based efforts that demand full transparency and accountability at sites impacted by the legacy of toxic contamination, such as the Bayview-Hunters Point Shipyard.

Transformative Solutions for a Long-Term Recovery:

  • SF Public Bank.  John Avalos will take leadership on efforts to leverage the billions of dollars currently in the City’s pooled investment funds now going to Wall Street, in order to establish a public bank that can open the door to a climate-resilient, sustainable, and equitable recovery.  A Public Bank will be able to finance critical public infrastructure, such as a just transition to a zero-emissions renewable energy system. 

  • SF Green New Deal.  As Supervisor, John Avalos will champion a Green New Deal to uplift workers and communities, through partnerships with the public sector, City College, and labor unions to implement projects that expand pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, and training programs and create good-paying union jobs accessible to a wide range of workers with different skill sets, education, and training.


  • SF Public Power.  John Avalos will support public power and the takeover of PG&E facilities and transmission lines to power our lives safely and sustainably.  As Supervisor, John Avalos will advocate for frontline communities and workers to be part of the governance and ownership of our utilities to ensure that energy operations, transmission, distribution and procurement meet the needs of residents, especially environmental justice communities.


Divest from Fossil Fuel Industries and the Military Industrial Complex:  John will renew climate justice advocates’ work to get the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System Board to divest from fossil fuel corporations. He will also work to get the SFERS to divest from the military industrial complex, the single greatest carbon emitting industry, that contributes to the United States’s overall addiction to fossil fuels.