Introduction: John Avalos has a long history of working with the Chinese and broader API community. At City Hall, he fought for tenant rights and affordable housing, always including Chinatown Community Development Center and the Community Tenants Association in legislative and budgetary considerations. In 2006 and 2007, he helped win tens of millions for affordable housing. He drafted the Local Hiring Ordinance with a coalition of Black, Brown, and Asian community activists, specifically with the Chinese for Affirmative Action. John is someone who knows how to work with different stakeholders including community members, small business owners, and community-based organizations to get the job done. 

District 11 is over 50% API and a majority of those residents are Chinese. John Avalos has a platform for making sure the Chinese residents in our district has a voice in City Hall: 

Building Vocational and Community Support for Chinese Immigrant Families: In District 11, John Avalos worked with the API community and created a grant for the Chinese Progressive Association to do in-language outreach and neighborhood engagement, building support in the Oceanview neighborhood of D11 for better transit service and safeguarding the M-Line. John wants to ensure that Chinese residents continue to have a say in their transit options, and he will continue to help create greater access to urban agricultural sites like Sisterhood Farms on Brotherhood Way.

John worked closely for years with the immigrant rights community on community resources like the San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network that has been an early model for city funded legal support for immigrants and tenants; and he worked closely with the API community to twice pass the strongest protections for immigrants in SF’s Due Process for All Ordinance of 2013 and the update to SF’s landmark Sanctuary City Policy in 2016.

Transforming Public Safety: John Avalos supports transforming our public safety efforts to create neighborhood driven solutions to crime and violence that affect immigrant communities like the Chinese community. The police who remain in the process should be public servants that reflect the diverse people of color, immigrant communities, and speak the languages of Chinese, Spanish, and Tagalog, and be accountable to our communities. 

John wants to create a three-year process to complete this transformation at the end of which residents in San Francisco in every neighborhood will have greater resources and stronger community relationships with each other and the remaining police to prevent assaults, home invasion robberies, and racist attacks on our families. 

John wants to create a team of bilingual community workers to help families live without fear. These will include after school programs, youth employment programs, and senior services like community ambassadors to assist with seniors safe transportation services. Additionally, as a prevention measure, John wants to create better lighting in our streets.

When violence does happen, John wants to make sure that our communities have strong support for survivors and their family, strong investigations, and ways for perpetrators to be held accountable by the City and to answer directly with the people they have harmed. 

Affordable Housing: John Avalos will work to create truly affordable housing for seniors and for families with children. He has already worked closely with community organizations from Chinatown to District 11 to build affordable housing and get it in the pipeline. He looks forward to setting 100% affordable housing for both public and private development so that no one pays more than 30% of their income for housing and no one is turned away for lack of supply.

His office worked on community development and helped foster strong relationships between the Latinx and API community that resulted in getting two major affordable housing sites in the MOH pipeline as well as the creation of the Excelsior Works workforce and tenant support center. He fought for years to safeguard funding supporting tenants in Chinatown SROs and twice prevented the Mayor from cutting this essential funding.

Strong Education from Early Childhood Education to City College: As a social worker and educator, John Avalos believes providing high quality education from cradle to grave is the best way to support the wellbeing of the Chinese community and all communities. As Supervisor, John worked with former Mayor Ed Lee to create the Office of Early Childhood Education, linking together the First 5 Commission, the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, and the Human Services Agency, including the Children’s Council. He helped write and promote the first renewal of the Children’s Fund in 2000 and the 2014 renewal of the Children’s and Public Education and Enrichment Funds. Both of these efforts ensured that San Francisco has a strong community framework to support early childhood programs and services in every neighborhood and also strong community programs and services for all students and working families. He will continue to support making community college free, promote services for childcare and immigrant students who are English learners, promote our public education programs, and work to ensure ongoing funding to support these programs in San Francisco, inclusive of the Chinese community.

Creating a Harmonious, Multi-racial Immigrants Neighbrourhood: John Avalos has been alarmed to see anti-Asian sentiment that has gotten worse during the pandemic. The City must create a greater sense of safety and support for the Chinese community. One way of doing this is to promote the Chinese language for non-Chinese speaking people so they can have a better awareness of their Asian neighbors and treat them well.  By working closely with the Chinese Progressive Association and Filipino Community Center, John Avalos was instrumental in the creation of the Excelsior Works!, a community center where speakers of Cantonese, Tagalog and Spanish have access to social support, opportunities to have language and cultural exchange, as well as build a strong sense of community. John will continue to prioritize the needs of more economic and vocational opportunities for the Chinese immigrant community.

Selected Endorsements from the San Francisco Chinese Community: We are proud to have the sole endorsements of Supervisor Gordon Mar, community leader and DCCC Vice President, Li Miao Lovett, the Community Tenants Association (CTA), and Chinese Progressive Association Action Fund (CPAAF).